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Shabbat & Holidays at Mason Hillel

Shabbat at Mason Hillel


Shabbat is the best way to end the week, take a breath, and get ready for next week. Whether it's taking time to reflect by yourself, gathering with friends, or connecting with new people, how you celebrate is up to you! Join Hillel every other Friday for a free Kosher Shabbat dinner on campus.

Dinner starts at 6:30 pm. Shabbat services begin at 6 pm. Shabbat meal registration comes out every other Sunday in the weekly newsletter and on our Instagram.

Shabbat Hosting Lab

Interested in creating your own Shabbat Experience? Join our Shabbat Host Lab Cohort and learn to host and celebrate Shabbat with your peers in the comfort of your home! Email Sydney ( to find out more about this.

Friends smiling at shabbat dinner
Friends lighting shabbat candles together

Holidays at Mason Hillel

High Holidays

Join us on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur for meals, services and an array of fun engaging activities everyone will find a way to celebrate that fits their needs. Find this years schedule of events and sign up here.

Friends holding an apple and honey

Sukkot, Passover, Purim & More

Celebrating Jewish holidays offer fun and meaningful opportunities for students to connect and build communities on and off campus. Mason Hillel hosts first night Passover seders, Passover lunches, Purim events, we have a sukkah on campus for the duration of the holiday, and so much more! 

Friends standing together outside the sukkah holding a Lulav and Etrog
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