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Why am I involved in Jewish Life at Mason?

I'm involved in Jewish life at Mason because Judaism is a huge part of my identity and the community at Mason has become my primary Jewish social circle. The city I'm from has basically no Jewish life/Jewish community (I go to shul in the next city over), so coming to Mason last year allowed me to form bonds with other Jewish people my own age for the first time. The staff and my peers at Mason Hillel have made me feel more than welcome since I came to Mason last year.


My favorite Mason Hillel tradition?

By far my favorite memory from Mason Hillel was on Yom Kippur this past year, when everyone gathered in the office for the last few hours of the fast to sing songs and be together. I felt surreal and close and very special.


Amichai Levy

Major: Foreign Languages with a concentration in French and minoring in Judaic Studies and Korean Studies

Grad Year: 2025

Favorite Jewish Holiday: Purim, Chanukah, and Sukkot

Favorite Movie: Everything Everywhere All at Once and The Prince of Egypt

Favorite Book: A Tale for the Time Being

Social Media: Instagram @amichailevyy

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