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Why am I involved in Jewish Life at Mason?

I got involved my freshman year. I had heard of Hillel but was a bit nervous to meet new people. Thankfully, I met an amazing group of friends on the first night and although I was shy, I was happy to be a part of the community. My family is not very strict on religious practices, but I have grown closer to my Jewish roots through Hillel. 


Favorite Mason Hillel tradition?

My favorite Hillel tradition is probably just the Hillel office. All my favorite memories happened there. It’s where students congregate after Shabbat dinners. It is a space to get together over the holidays, it is especially comforting when you’re celebrating for the first time on your own. It is a study space. It is also the home to our newest Hillel tradition of watching Jeopardy together. I love how much the Hillel office has grown in meaning to me over the years I have been here. It has been home to many Hillel traditions and hopefully many more.


Allie Kaye

Majors:  Global Affairs with a concentration in Human Security and Anthropology.

Grad Year: 2023

Favorite Jewish Holiday: Passover

Favorite Movie: La La Land 

Social Media@allieqk13, and I would be happy to connect anyone that would be interested in hearing more about my time with Hillel!

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